Add intricate detailing on your garments with these one of a kind buttons

These sewing buttons are made from waste wood and have a unique appearance thanks to nature and the industry. Saw marks and different shades caused by water and sunlight make every piece unique.

Please not that at least one side of the buttons is planed and therefore having a perfect straight and clean surface. One side can be showing its original state with scratches and imperfections. This is to show the product is made from waste wood. Read more about the project below!

Sewing Buttons - 15mm

    • NOTE: The color of the buttons you receive can always be slightly different then shown in the pictures.
    • WARNING: These buttons may affect the colour of your garment by washing them. Be carefull with bright coloured garments! Milo Dool Design can not be held resposible for any damage or discoloration of your garments.
    • One item comes in a set of 7 buttons, in an envelope packaging.