Organize your jewelry or desk accessories in these very unique wooden bowls. Even without anything inside them they will look wonderful as decoration in your interior.

This series of minimalistic designed bowls serve as pedestal to arrange everyday objects. Cratera is the Latin word for crater and refers to the crater-shaped hollow. The bowls are handmade from spalted wood. This material has a rich variety of colours and patterns which are produced by molds during the decay process of wood.


Material: Spalted Chestnut wood

Diameter: 15 centimeters

Cratera - Size XL

    • Not suitable for food
    • Material: Spalted wood. The fungal effects on wood are permanent and do not change over time. The colour may fade when exposed to sunlight.
    • Wax Finish: The wax is based on natural ingredients and it protects the wood against moisture and dirt.
    • Diameters: small 70mm, medium 90mm, large 120mm, extra large 150mm