The Picea Luminaires designed by Milo Dool. These pendant lights are made out of pine wood that is made very thin so that it becomes translucent for beautiful ambient lighting.

Instead of hiding it away in architectural constructions, pinewood gets a prominent place in the interior, functioning as ambient lighting


Picea Luminaires
Pinewood from the Picea genus is often used in a variety of residential, commercial and industrial constructions because of its flexibility and low weight. Mostly applied hidden away in the supporting constructions, although pinewood is one of the very few types of wood that features another very interesting property. When made very thin the wood is translucent, this is an overlooked quality of the material. It makes pinewood very suitable for interior lighting. The Picea Luminaires provide the dining area of both functional light and beautiful ambient lighting. 

Bring charming light to your dining area for long cosy nights with family and friends!

This product is handmade in the Netherlands and the wood originates from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. The light source is an energy saving LED bulb.


Product information


  • Light source included: Osram LED | 6W |470 Lumen | 220-240V | 50-60Hz | energy class A+

  • Lampshade diameter: 92 mm, length: 210 mm

  • Power cable length: 3 meters for each lamp

  • Canopy included, to hide the wiring

  • Instruction manual included

  • Material: Pinewood

  • Wax Finish: The wax is based on natural ingredients and it protects the wood against moisture and dirt.

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Prices including VAT:
Set of 2 lamps: €580
Set of 3 lamps: €780
Set of 4 lamps: €980

June 2016