The Pendant Lights designed by Milo Dool. These lamps are made out of spalted wood that is made very thin so that it becomes translucent for beautiful ambient lighting.

During the process of wood decay by fungi, colour shades, decorative patterns and an increased light transparency occurs, a hidden beauty of wood decay



Pendant Lights
The Pendant Lights are made of wood that has been biodegraded by fungi in nature. This process of degradation can result in beautiful effects in the material; Pigmentation, bleaching and zone line formation for example. In today’s standardized wood industry defects and deviations are not allowed, this is causing the scarcity of this material. However, this wood does have very unique properties. White rot degradation leads to an increased light transmittance. A property of the material that in the first place was considered to be an imperfection is now applied in functional lighting. The lamps are partly made 1,5 millimetres thin so that light penetrates, which provides beautiful ambient lighting!


The Pendant Lights are an outcome of the Wood Decay by Fungi project and are being put into production. This product is handmade in the Netherlands and the wood originates from local dutch wood dealers. The light source is an energy saving LED bulb.

This project was nominated and exhibited for the 'New Material Award 2014'.

Product information


  • Light source included: Osram LED | 6W |470 Lumen | 220-240V | 50-60Hz | energy class A+

  • Material: Spalted wood; The fungal effects on wood are permanent and do not change over time

  • The colour of the wood may fade when exposed to sunlight

  • Lampshade diameter: 92 mm, length: 210 mm

  • Power cable length: 3 meters for each lamp

  • Canopy included, to hide the wiring

  • Instruction manual included

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Prices including VAT

Set of 2: €1180

Set of 3: €1770

* If you desire another amount of Pendant Lights please contact us for the possibilities. The price per lamp is €590


June 2014