This series of minimalistic designed bowls by Milo Dool serve as pedestal to arrange everyday objects. Wooden bowl with SD cards.

Display your favourite rings on high quality handmade wooden cones


A simple geometrical shape was found to be the ultimate shape to display rings on, a cone does fit any ring size and besides it is showing a beautiful grain pattern of wood. Different sizes of cones let you create playful compositions. Even without a ring it will adorn your interior.


The ring cones are handmade in the Netherlands using an ancient craft, woodturning. The cones are mostly made from small pieces of waste wood from our own production processes. The ring cones are soon available in sets on our webshop.

Product information

  • Material: Solid wood

  • Wax Finish: The wax is based on natural ingredients and it protects the wood against moisture and dirt.

  • Dimensions: The cones are available in four sizes, small (35x60mm), Medium (35x90mm), Large (40x120mm) and extra large (40x150mm)

Soon available on our Online Shop!

Ring cones for your store or gallery?

We can deliver higher quantities of our ring cones, the size and different types of wood can be chosen. Please contact us if you want to do place a custom order with us.


April 2017

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